What is a wsd printer port

What is WSD port?

The WSD Port Monitor is a new printer port monitor in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. … Web Services for Devices allows network-connected IP-based devices to advertise their functionality and offer these services to clients by using the Web Services protocol.

How does WSD port work?

WSD-based devices and clients communicate over the network using a series of SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) messages over UDP and HTTP(S). WSD for Devices provides a network plug-and-play experience that is similar to installing a USB device. … Send print jobs to WSD printers.

Why is my printer on WSD port?

So basically, it’s a network setup protocol for printers. It’s supposed to make setting up printers easier, but what it unfortunately does is break printers and not allow them to print. WSD is the default way Microsoft wants Windows 10 to setup a printer.

What is the difference between a TCP IP printer port and a WSD printer port?

SOLVED: What is the Difference between a TCP/IP Printer Port and a WSD Printer Port. … In fact TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is replaced by WSD (Web Services For Devices) but IP is used in either case AND WSD is not a PORT it is a control mechanism.

How do I setup a WSD printer port?


  1. Click on Start and then click Devices and Printers.
  2. Run Add printer Wizard.
  3. Click “Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer”
  4. Click “The printer that I want isn’t listed”
  5. Select “Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname and Click “Next” button.
  6. Enter the printer’s host name or IP address.
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How do I remove WSD ports?

WSD ports can be deleted by deleteing the printer that is attached to the WSD port. If you have a WSD port you want to delete just create a Temp Printer that uses that WSD port and then Delete that Temp Printer. It’s counterintuitive to the norm but very workable.

What port should my printer be on?

For a printer connected to the computer via USB, the Port should be set to USB Virtual Printer Port (such as USB001, USB002). For a printer connected to the computer via Parallel, the Port should be set to LPT1 (or LPT2, LPT3 if you have more than one Parallel interface port on your computer).

How do I find my WSD port IP address?

There must be a way to determine the IP address that the WSD port speaks to, right? If ping doesnt work, on a system that has it installed, right click, go to properties, click the web services tab. The IP address will be there.

What port is lpt1?

LPT (line print terminal) is the usual designation for a parallel port connection to a printer or other device on a personal computer. Most PCs come with one or two LPT connections designated as LPT1 and LPT2. Some systems support a third, LPT3. Whatever the number, LPT1 is the usual default.

How do I change printer ports?

How to Change a Printer Port on Windows

  1. Goto Start and type Devices and Printers and press Enter. …
  2. Right click the printer you want to update and select Printer Properties.
  3. In the window that opens click the Ports tab.
  4. Click Add Port…
  5. Select Standard TCP/IP Port and click New Port…
  6. On the next page Click Next.
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How do I set up WSD on my computer?

Scanning Using Web Services for Devices (WSD) – Windows

  1. Make sure you installed the product software and connected the product to your computer or network.
  2. Place your original on the product for scanning.
  3. Press the home button, if necessary.
  4. Select Computer (WSD).
  5. Select a computer.
  6. Select the Start icon. The scanned image is transferred to the selected computer.

What is a WSD connection?

Web Services for Devices or Web Services on Devices (WSD) is a Microsoft API to enable programming connections to web service enabled devices, such as printers, scanners and file shares. Such devices conform to the Devices Profile for Web Services (DPWS).

What is my printer’s IP?

How to Find the IP Address of Your Printer

  1. Go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers.
  2. Right-click on the printer and select Properties.
  3. Click on the Web Services tab.
  4. Make a note of the IP address in the Troubleshooting section.

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