How to replace the paper feed roller on brother printer

How do I fix the paper feed on my Brother printer?

Unplug your Brother machine from the AC power outlet (electrical socket). Pull the paper tray completely out of the machine.

The paper tray was not fully inserted.

  1. Remove the Paper tray (1) completely out of the machine.
  2. Reinstall the paper tray until it locks into place.
  3. Press OK.

How do I change the roller on my printer?

Changing the pickup roller

  1. Turn the printer off, and then unplug the power cord from the printer. …
  2. Open the print cartridge door, and remove the print cartridge. …
  3. Find the pickup roller. …
  4. Release the small, white tabs on either side of the pickup roller, and rotate the pickup roller toward the front.

How do you change the rollers on a Brother printer?

Replace Roller

  1. Open the Top Cover (1) then the Front Cover (2) by pulling the Cover Release Lever (3) toward you.
  2. Press the tab on each side of the Pick-up roller cover toward the center of the cover (1) and then pull the cover down.
  3. Slide the Pick-up Roller (1) all the way to the right.

Why is my Brother printer not picking up paper?

Usually the ‘won’t pick up paper problem’ in printers can be overcome by cleaning the pick up rollers with a moistened cloth. … If cleaning the rollers doesn’t resolve the problem and you think that your printer is near or has passed this ‘mark’, then perhaps the pick up rollers are actually worn out.

Why won’t my printer feed the paper?

The paper might not be engaged with the feed rollers. The paper-width guide is pressed against the paper stack too tightly. The paper tray is not completely inserted into the product. The paper settings in the print driver do not match the paper loaded in the paper tray.

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How do I clean the roller on my Brother printer?

Clean the Paper Pick-up Rollers (1) with a soft lint-free cloth moistened with water. Slowly turn the rollers so that the whole surface is cleaned. After cleaning, wipe the rollers with a dry, soft lint-free cloth to remove all moisture. Put the paper tray firmly back in the machine.

How do you change a fuse in a Brother MFC 8950dw?

Brother Fuser Replacement Instructions

  1. Open the Back Cover.
  2. Seperate the Back Cover from the outer chute. …
  3. Remove Back Cover.
  4. Remove the outer chute from both post. …
  5. Push the the two knobs on the fuser cover and pull the cover down.
  6. Remove the fuser cover from the post and pull away from the machine.

How do I reset my Brother printer?

Press the Up arrow key select Reset.

  1. Press the Settings button.
  2. Press All Settings.
  3. Press Initial Setup.
  4. Press Reset.
  5. Press All Settings or Factory Reset (depends on which model you have).
  6. Press Yes.
  7. Press Yes again and hold for two seconds.

How do I troubleshoot my Brother printer?

Brother Printer Troubleshooting Tips To Follow

  1. Check the power supply. …
  2. Try turning your printer off and restart it if you face any issue in between sometime.
  3. Check network/ USB cables or USB ports out timely.
  4. Uninstall-Re-Install New Brother drivers.
  5. Resetting and Deleting of Print Jobs.

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