How to install cartridge in hp printer

How do I install ink cartridges in HP printer?

Remove the old ink cartridge and install the new ink cartridge.

  1. Make sure the printer is turned on. …
  2. Open the top cover of the printer. …
  3. Wait until the carriage moves to the right side of the printer and is idle and quiet.
  4. Press down on the old ink cartridge, and then slide it out of the carriage.

How do you align cartridges in a HP printer?

Aligning Ink Cartridges

  1. Press the Power button ( ) to turn on the product.
  2. Load plain white paper into the input tray. …
  3. Double-click the HP Solution Center icon ( ) on the desktop to open it. …
  4. In HP Solution Center, click Settings, click Print Settings, and then click Printer Toolbox. …
  5. Click Align the Print Cartridges.

How many pages does a HP setup cartridge print?

A 564 Standard Color (300 pages) at 100% coverage yields – 300/20 = 15 pages.

Why does my HP printer say print cartridge problem?

Check/Wipe Cartridge Contacts: A common cause of the “Cartridge Problem” message is the gold contacts found on an electonic chip on the body of the HP cartridge being obscured with dirt/ink or even physically having been damaged. Firstly remove the indicated cartridge from the printer and locate the chip.

How do I know which ink cartridge needs replacing?

To find out which ink cartridge is empty, check EPSON Status Monitor 3 (for Windows) or EPSON StatusMonitor (for Macintosh). You can also tell which cartridge is empty by checking the speed at which the error light flashes when the print head moves to the ink cartridge replacement position. See the table below.

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How do I put paper in my HP printer?

Load photo paper or cards into the printer.

  1. Raise the input tray. …
  2. Slide the paper width guide all the way to the left. …
  3. Load a stack of cards or photo paper into the far-right side of the input tray. …
  4. Slide the paper width guide to the right until it rests at the edge of the paper.

How do I connect my printer via WIFI?


  1. Make sure your Android device is connected to the same wireless network that you want to connect your printer to.
  2. Go to from a browser on your phone or tablet and install the HP Smart app.
  3. Turn on the printer. …
  4. Prepare the printer for a wireless network connection.

How do I know if my printer is aligned?


  1. Click “Start,” then select “Devices and Printers.”
  2. Right-click on the printer you need to align, then select “Printing Preferences” from the pop-up menu.
  3. Click the “Services” tab, then click the “Align the Print Cartridges” icon. …
  4. Follow the instructions from the Alignment wizard to align the cartridges.

How do I align the ink cartridges on my HP Deskjet 1000?

Follow these steps to align the product manually.

  1. Open the printer software. Windows 8: …
  2. Double-click Printer Actions, and then double-click Maintenance Tasks. The HP Toolbox opens.
  3. Click the Device Services tab, and then click Align Ink Cartridges. The printer aligns the cartridges and then prints an alignment page.

How do I align my HP Deskjet 3630?

Click the Device Services tab, and then click Align Ink Cartridges ( ). The printer prints an alignment page. Lift the scanner lid. Place the alignment page with the print side down on the scanner glass, and then position it according to the engraved guides around the glass.

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How do I get my ink cartridges to work?

2: Soak the cartridge

For serious blockages you might want to soak a cotton bud in the warm water and rub it across the area of the cartridge where the ink comes out. Remove when ink begins the flow into the water. Clean the nozzles dry with a paper towel or lint free cloth and replace into the printer. Repeat step 1.

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