Where is the cartridge in hp printer

Where is the cartridge on a printer?

Open your ink tray in the center which is above the output tray. Make sure that your printer is plugged in and turned on. In order for the ink compartments to slide into view, your printer must be powered on. The ink cartridges will slide to the right side of your open tray.

How do you remove HP ink cartridges?

Click My Account, and then click Account Settings. Click Cancel my HP Instant Ink Subscription. You receive an email confirmation of the cancellation.

Why does my HP printer say print cartridge problem?

Check/Wipe Cartridge Contacts: A common cause of the “Cartridge Problem” message is the gold contacts found on an electonic chip on the body of the HP cartridge being obscured with dirt/ink or even physically having been damaged. Firstly remove the indicated cartridge from the printer and locate the chip.

How do you dispose of ink cartridges?

Thankfully, many convenient cartridge recycling solutions exist…read on to find the best option for you!

  1. Drop them off at your local office supply store. …
  2. Find a local recycling facility. …
  3. Make some extra cash of your own or fundraise for your school, church or nonprofit. …
  4. Consider refilling your original brand ink cartridges.

How do I put paper in my HP printer?

Load photo paper or cards into the printer.

  1. Raise the input tray. …
  2. Slide the paper width guide all the way to the left. …
  3. Load a stack of cards or photo paper into the far-right side of the input tray. …
  4. Slide the paper width guide to the right until it rests at the edge of the paper.
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Can you use non HP ink in a HP printer?

If you are installing original protected ink cartridges that have been remanufactured for further use, you could get the message “Protected HP Cartridges Installed” displayed on your printer. This means that these cartridges will not work with your printer. They will only work with that one printer they are locked to.

Can you use other ink cartridges in a HP printer?

This is because of the chips on the ink cartridge, each chip is programmed to allow inks to only work with certain printers. Therefore, you are unable to use a different number ink in your printer which is not compatible with your printer.

Do HP printers come with ink?

The answer to the question is affirmative. Yes, very often, the popular printer manufacturers like Canon, Epson, Brother, and HP offer starter cartridges along with the purchase of a new printer.

Why is my printer not working after replacing ink cartridges?

Verify the ink cartridge(s) has been inserted properly. If a lever has been changed from its original position to allow the installation of ink cartridges, ensure it has been returned to its original position. Perform a head cleaning on printer if available. Try resetting the ink cartridge counter.

How do I know which ink cartridge needs replacing?

To find out which ink cartridge is empty, check EPSON Status Monitor 3 (for Windows) or EPSON StatusMonitor (for Macintosh). You can also tell which cartridge is empty by checking the speed at which the error light flashes when the print head moves to the ink cartridge replacement position. See the table below.

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