How to use a sublimation printer

How does a sublimation printer work?

So how does sublimation work? Well, sublimation printing uses heat to essentially bring ink and fabric together as one. First, a design is printed onto special paper. … The heat opens up the pores of the fabric, then with the applied pressure the ink cools and returns to a solid form.

Can you use a regular printer for sublimation?

Printers come with recommended paper types for a reason, and the reason is that different papers will do different things. Not all printers can use sublimation paper, simply because of the way that sublimation paper is built. With regular printer paper, it’s the ink that does the work.

What do you need to do sublimation printing?

In order to get started you’ll need the following items: a designated sublimation printer, Sawgrass sublimation ink, sublimation paper, sublimation blanks and a heat press appropriate for the sublimation blank you are working with. You can learn more about heat presses in our Heat Press 101 Tutorial.

Can I use my HP printer for sublimation?

If you have a HP home or office printer you will not be able to convert it for sublimation. That’s because most HP printers disperse ink onto paper using the thermal heat process. … This special line of printers can print onto sublimation paper or directly onto fabric.

Is sublimation better than screen printing?

Both are great printing methods. It just depends on your preference, the material you are working with, and the nature of your project. If you are making many T-shirts, screen printing is a more cost-effective approach. Dye sublimation is better for small projects of just one or two T-shirts.

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Which is better sublimation or heat transfer?

Sublimation uses a process where the ink becomes part of the fabric rather than adding a layer on top. This results in a transfer that is unmatched in both durability and feel. On the other hand, heat transfer paper adds a layer on top of the garment.

What Printers Can you convert to sublimation?

Which Epson printers can I convert for sublimation printing? Epson Stylus Pro 3800, 3880, 4000, 4800, 4880, 4900, 7600, 7700, 7800, 7880, 7890, 7900, 9600, 9700, 9800, 9880, 9890, 9900, 10000, 10600. Epson SureColor T3170x. Epson SureColor T3000, T3270, T5000, T5270, T7000, T7270.

What program do you use for sublimation?

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator allows a user to import a photograph and use it as a guide to trace an object in the photograph This software, together with Photoshop is the perfect solution to create nice designs for your sublimation business.

How do I get started with sublimation?

To get started, you’ll need the follow:

  1. Sublimation Ready Printer. You can either use a printer designed and manufactured for sublimation, or you can convert an already existing ink jet printer to support sublimation.
  2. Sublimation Ink. …
  3. Sublimation Paper. …
  4. Heat Press. …
  5. Design Software.

Is sublimation business profitable?


Sublimation is a great decorating technology with a huge variety of products that can be printed and sold, and a lot of the items have a really good profit margin for your business.

How long do sublimation inks last?

six months

Can you use a laser printer for sublimation?

You can use a standard inkjet or laser printer to print onto this paper with your normal inks. You then place the paper onto your clothing and use a heat press, or in some cases, you can use an iron, and peel away the paper. Your design will then be stuck-on to your garment, and you will be able to see the transfer.

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