How to setup konica minolta network printer

How do I connect my Konica Minolta printer to a network?

Connect your computer and printer to the same network

  1. Open a Web browser, and then type the IP address of your access point in the address field. …
  2. Type the user name and password for the access point when prompted, and then click OK.
  3. In the “Wireless settings” section, look for the SSID.
  4. Write down the SSID.

How do you install a Konica Minolta driver?

You can also install the XPS driver in a similar way.

  1. Connect a USB cable to the USB port of this machine. …
  2. Insert the printer driver CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive of the computer. …
  3. Click [Printer Install].
  4. Read the license agreement and click [AGREE].
  5. Select [Install printers/MFPs] and click [Next].

How do I connect my Konica Minolta printer to my phone?

Change scanning settings as necessary, and tap [Scan]. To use Konica Minolta Mobile Print, mobile devices must be connected via Wi-Fi to the same network as the MFPs. To use Konica Minolta Mobile Print, mobile devices must be connected via Wi- Fi to the same network as the MFPs.

How do I find the IP address on my Konica Minolta printer?

Type ipconfig, and then press Enter. Look for IP Address. The IP address appears as four sets of numbers separated by periods, such as 123.123.

How do I connect my Konica Minolta printer to my iPhone?

Add a Copier or Printer to Your Mobile Device

  1. From the Home page, tap the PageScope Mobile icon.
  2. Tap the Select Printer icon.
  3. Tap Add Printer.
  4. If your mobile device automatically detects the available bizhub printers on the wireless LAN network, they will appear in Add Printer List.
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How does Apple print work?

To use an AirPrint printer, you’d simply connect it to your wireless network like a typical Wi-Fi printer. … You can’t print from a Windows PC or Android device using AirPrint — at least, not without unofficial hacky solutions that may not work.

Why does my iPad keep saying no AirPrint found?

AirPrint is not supported via public wireless networks (e.g., public Wi-Fi or hotspots). So you will always see “No AirPrint Printers Found” when attempting to print via public WiFi. Your iDevice (iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch) and your printer(s) must connect to the same private 802.11 wireless network.

How do I install Konica Minolta drivers on Windows 10?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Konica Minolta support page. …
  2. Search your device by entering the keyword or filtering by device category.
  3. Click the Drivers button.
  4. Select the operating system running in your computer (in my case I choose Windows 10 64 bit), and download the latest version of driver.

How do I connect my Konica Minolta scanner to my computer?

Operation flow

  1. Load the original.
  2. Enter user information, and log in to this machine. For details on the login procedure, refer to Here.
  3. Tap [Scan/Fax].
  4. Select [Home].
  5. Configure Scan option settings as necessary.
  6. Press the Start key.

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