How to reset replace toner in brother printer

How do I reset my Brother printer after changing toner?

  1. Power on the Brother printer.
  2. Open the toner access door located at the front of the printer.
  3. Press the “Clear/Back” button.
  4. Scroll through the list of toner cartridges until you have located the one that is giving the “Replace Toner” message.
  5. Press the “1” button to reset the toner cartridge display.

Why does my Brother printer keep saying replace toner?

If you install a new genuine Brother toner cartridge but the “Toner Low”, “Replace Toner” or “Toner Ended” error indication remains, the toner cartridge may not be installed correctly. … Confirm that you have installed both a toner cartridge and a drum unit in the machine.

How do I reset my Brother HL l2350dw toner?

To reset the Toner Life Display, a manual reset procedure must be performed.

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  1. Open the front cover.
  2. Press the “Back ” and “GO” buttons at the same time, and hold for 1 to 2 second, when you released 2 buttons, press the “Back ” button again at once.

How do I reset my toner chip?

How to Reset a Laser Toner Chip

  1. Buy a chip resetter specific to your laser printer cartridge. …
  2. Place the cartridge in an upward position on a flat surface. …
  3. Push down all the pins on the resetter. …
  4. Keep pushing the pins/button until the LED light on the cartridge turns green, or it indicates with a beep that the cartridge has been reset.

How do you trick a brother toner cartridge?


The best way to save on Brother toner cartridges is to get as much life out of those cartridges as possible. Is your laser printer giving you a “toner low” message? Pop that toner cartridge out, give it a bump against the palm of your hand, and shake it for 30 seconds.

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How do you reset a Brother printer?

Press the Up arrow key select Reset.

  1. Press the Settings button.
  2. Press All Settings.
  3. Press Initial Setup.
  4. Press Reset.
  5. Press All Settings or Factory Reset (depends on which model you have).
  6. Press Yes.
  7. Press Yes again and hold for two seconds.

How do you reset the toner on a Brother MFC 9340cdw?

How to perform a toner reset on your Brother MFC 9340CDW:

  1. Power on your Brother MFC 9340CDW machine.
  2. Press “Fax” on the touch screen. …
  3. Press the Home button to go back to main menu.
  4. Open the top hood. …
  5. Hold the star (*) key for 5-7 seconds. …
  6. Select the color cartridge you want to reset. …
  7. Select “Yes” to the prompt “Reset?”.

How do I bypass toner low on Brother printer?

To enable or disable Continue Mode, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Up or Down arrow key to choose General Setup, and then press OK.
  2. Press the Up or Down arrow key to choose Replace Toner, and then press OK.
  3. Press the Up or Down arrow key to choose Continue or Stop. Press Go.

How do I extend the life of my brother toner cartridge?

Tape over the toner window.

  1. Remove the cartridge from the printer.
  2. Locate the 2 windows that display the amount of ink left.
  3. Place electrical tape over the windows to trick the printer into thinking there is more toner left to use. In many cases, you will be able to use the cartridge for another 100 or so pages.

Is there a reset button on ink cartridges?

Resetting the Printer Cartridges

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On some models, there is a reset button located above the contacts in the center. … After resetting each cartridge, you can then replace them and the printer should accept them as if they were new.

How do I reset my Lexmark toner chip?

How to Reset a Toner Chip for a Lexmark

  1. Switch the printer off.
  2. Press and hold down the “Ready” and “Return” buttons on the printer. …
  3. Select “Maintenance Count.”
  4. Select the option “Reset” for returning the chip’s toner level to zero.
  5. Press the “Return” key for returning to the Diagnostics Mode menu.
  6. Tip.

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