How to make nail decals with printer

How do you print pictures on your nails?

English version:

  1. Start by printing something on a paper with a laser printer.
  2. Paint your nails with Essie Sand Tropez. …
  3. Paint one coat of top coat ( Essie Good to go) on one nail.
  4. Soak your piece of paper in water for about 30 seconds in order for it to be wet. …
  5. Then apply the piece of paper on your nail.

Do you put top coat over nail stickers?

Apply 2 coats of a top coat (or gel/shellac top coat) over the entire nail and the stickers to seal and protect stickers. This will also make your manicure last longer and smooth out the edges of the stickers.

What kind of vinyl is used for nail decals?

There are several things you can do to help keep nail decals in place longer. The first thing you want to do is start with the right vinyl and that’s 651 permanent outdoor vinyl. This vinyl has a stronger adhesive which will help it stick to your nails longer.

Can you make nail decals with Cricut?

How? Simply choose an image from Cricut Design Space, print it on your home printer, place the printout on your Cricut mat and let the Cricut Explore do the rest. Create decals and stickers in minutes by using Cricut’s Printable Vinyl and Printable Sticker Paper.

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