The Best Printer for Photo Enthusiasts

The Best Printer for Photo Enthusiasts

The Best Printer for Photo Enthusiasts

Nothing is more exciting when you have memories of your experiences especially if they are good memories. When you travel, go to places for the first time, and be with the people you love, you capture these moments by taking photos. For mothers, when they have children they took pictures of the first times of their children.

Taking photos has been a tradition for almost all people around the world. Even before the time that there were no high technology gadgets but only cameras with films. Today, advancement of technology has turned many things into amazingly different things. We have now mobile devices and other gadgets used for taking photos.

Together with these progresses, printers are also developing. The photos that were taken from experiences are usually being printed and kept in an album. To those who are photo enthusiasts, they love to print pictures and pile them in their memory box. With this, printers of high quality should be used.


This printer is the ultimate All-in-One Wireless Photo Inkjet that is best for photographers and photo enthusiasts. CANON PIXMA MG7520 delivers a superb photo printing performance and incredible versatility. Photo enthusiasts would love this printer because it prints beautiful, borderless photos up to 8.5” x 11” and crisp documents with a maximum color dpi of 9600 x 2400 with 1pl technology.

CANON PIXMA MG7520 features a six individual ink tanks which includes gray ink for better balance in both color and black & white photos. It has 3.5” LCD Touchscreen that lets you view easily, select, and edit images right on the printer. This printer is specifically made for gorgeous printing of graphics and other documents that are colored.

Other Features

This printer offers a wide array of features and good print speeds that outweigh other printers in its area. It has a great interface, NFC connectivity, an Ethernet jack and the ability to print to optical discs. The CANON PIXMA MG7520 is one of the fastest performers both in black-and-white text at the Normal setting in 10 seconds, which is 3 seconds faster than the category average. When it comes to graphics, this printer is quite slow due to its high quality output. However, if it prints landscape photos it is twice faster as to the average speed.

The CANON PIXMA MG7520 offers middle-of-the-road scan and copy speeds. It can copy a black-and-white page over 3 times the speed of the average category. When scanning a black-and-white it is 24 seconds faster than the category average. When it comes to colored scanning, CANON PIXMA MG7520 can complete the scanning process 21 seconds faster than the average category.

CANON PIXMA MG7520 has the best printing quality but it is not the very best. Nevertheless, it is very useful for photo printing and other services that it offers. It has Auto-Duplex printing, Auto Power On and it has My Image Garden software to organize your photos. You can use your mobile devices in printing as long as it is compatible.

You will have a fun and easy experience using the CANON PIXMA MG7520 especially if you are a photo enthusiast. This printer offers an excellent photo quality, fast print times, and a low cost per page which makes it a favorite of people who loves keeping memories through photos.

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