Tips on Saving Your Printer Ink

We always find ways to save. Either by walking to work or even using coupon for grocery, we are always on the look on how we can save whether it is money or things that we value. And we will give you what tips on how to save on your printer ink.


Use Economy Mode or Ecofont

Almost all, if not all, printers allows you to use economy mode or the draft mode. It produces slightly lighter copy than that printed in the regular setting but this is the best format if you won’t be using it for something formal. This will help you save ink; it will print faster and dry quickly. Also if you have an ecofont, it would be wise to use this if your printing needs are just for an informal one. Using the Ecofont will save you at least 20% of your ink as it puts little holes in the letters of your document.

Check Your Document before Printing

It may seem really simple. But honestly, you will remember fairly lot of times that it happened to you where you never even bothered to check your document when printing and when it is finished printing, you’ll see just one word that was wrong and you had to reprint it all over again. Well, to state the obvious, checking your document will help you save heaps of ink!

It is Better Not to Turn Off Your Printer

If you think that you are going to use your printer a couple of times throughout the day, it would be best to leave your printer on. Why? Have you ever notice a buzzing sound whenever you turn on your printer? Well when you start your printer it will use a little ink in the initiation phase. Turning it on and off a couple of times during the day actually wastes your ink.

Reset Your Cartridge

Whenever your computer tells you that you don’t have ink in your cartridge, don’t just throw it. Most of the time, your computer reads your ink levels wrong. Throwing your ink cartridge will mean you’ve thrown ink. To deal with this, you need to reset your ink cartridge. Depending on your printer ink cartridge brand, you can use something as simple as a pin or tape to reset the button for your ink cartridge. Or you can sometimes sway your ink cartridge to shake up ink at the bottom of the cartridge. Of you want to know how to reset your ink cartridge, you can research it on the internet.

Print Only What You Need

When you would only use a page from a multi-page document that you have then you can remove everything else that you would not need in the print rage. This will save your ink from being used in pages that you won’t need. This tip is important to remember especially if you print from the internet where there are a lot of unnecessary ads in your page.