What Your Printer Ink Company Doesn’t Want You to Know

A lot of us buy things because of advertisement. Most of the time we don’t even bother to check whether the item is as good as it was in the advertisement. From the simplest of it all like gum, to our clothes and fragrances, the furniture we use and even our own house, we rely on these advertisements whether we believe it not.

The companies dictate what information we will know about their products. And because of that, we are all prone to deception and even getting less than what we actually deserve. But let’s give light to darkness. In here, we will talk about certain things that Printer Ink Companies don’t want us to know.


What they’re hiding that will actually save us a lot of money. First, have you ever noticed how cartridges, even coming from the same brand of printers, have different styles and looks? Well, it is for the fact that consumers have to “buy” these cartridges from these companies instead of using another, much cheaper one.

One brand for example is the Epson brand. Not only does the ink cartridge from Epson look different, it actually is a different type of Ink cartridge. The brands such as Canon, HP, Brother and Lexmark uses what we call as Thermal Ink Cartridge where it uses a tiny metal plate or resistor inside the ink reservoir, Epson cartridges are what we call Piezoelectric where they use crystal inside the nozzle instead of a resistor. That ensures that Epson printer buyers will have to buy ink cartridges only from Epson. (Not to jump to any conclusions, but you know what I mean).

Another thing to clear about is the issue that is running around especially when buying a printer that warns you never to use a “Clone” ink because it causes clogging in the printer. This was probably something that was just created to make printer ink users buy from their printer brands. Why can we conclude this? Big printing companies use a gallons and gallons of clone ink for their printers and yet you don’t hear them or see them complain about clogged printer nozzles.

What is the Issue Here?

Monopoly! Not the game but the strategy that brands uses to monopolize ink production. I mean, what’s the point of creating different built of ink cartridges for the same brand of printers? Another thing is that these companies will get you to buy a new printer ink cartridges as soon as they can.


Well, first you need to know that you can actually reset your ink cartridges. Yes, you heard that right. When your computer tells you that you are out of ink, think twice before throwing that ink cartridge away. Every cartridge has a built in reset button but surprisingly, only a few people know about that.

Most of the time, even when your computer is telling you that you don’t have ink anymore there is still left in the cartridge. Depending on your ink cartridge, you can either give it a little shake or using a pin, press the reset button above the golden stripes located at the back of the cartridge.